Whiter teeth, brighter smiles!

While there are a variety of over-the-counter products like whitening toothpaste, chewing gums, rinses, gels and whitening strips that provide some teeth whitening effects, dentists prescribed products like take-home trays and Zoom whitening LED light are faster and more effective. It would be best if you considered several factors before starting a tooth whitening routine. It is important to remember that whitening is not suitable for all kinds of discolouration. Before using whitening products, it is vital to ensure that your teeth are healthy. Whitening treatment is not recommended on teeth that have decay or are demineralized. If you have tooth sensitivity, it can be aggravated by whitening. It should be addressed before and managed during the process. Whitening does not change the colour of fillings, or any other dental restorations and fillings or crowns can appear darker after whitening the natural teeth. Presence of plaque and tartar can lead to less than optimum results. You might have to visit your hygienist to have your teeth cleaned before you start whitening treatment.

What is take-home whitening?

Take-home whitening includes trays that are custom made to fit your teeth and High-quality Zoom Whitening solution. We will provide you with full instructions on how to get the most out of your take- home whitening treatment. Most of the patients report immediate results with the first application and watch their smile continue to get brighter with every use!

In-office Teeth whitening

You can consider also consider our in-office whitening treatment for more immediate results. It is a faster and possibly more convenient whitening option for on-the-go patient that wants quick but extremely effective results. At Canoe Dental we use the Phillips Zoom white speed technology to deliver clinically proven results. When combined with pH booster in the whitening gel, the advanced blue LED technology greatly accelerates the whitening process, delivering dramatic results. We love seeing our patients return with more confidence with their noticeably brighter and more beautiful smiles. To learn more about our whitening options, or to schedule a consult, give us a call!

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