A dental restoration or dental filling is a restorative material used to restore the function and integrity of missing tooth structure, which may have resulted due to decay or any external trauma. At Dr. Drew Markham Dentistry, we use composite resin filling material. We do not use amalgam (silver) filling material.

Markham_lower_beforeCavities were once most commonly filled with a silver compound, designed to be strong as well as to securely plug any weak spots caused by decay. At the time when this type of material was used, it was the best product available. Now we know better. The biggest problem with amalgam is that it expands and contracts when subjected to hot and cold. Over time, this allows bacteria to get in and around and under the filling, thus creating decay once again. So the filling you once had placed to protect your tooth is likely no longer doing the job. Secondly, this expansion and contraction of silver fillings can cause teeth to break. Waiting for this to occur is not advisable.

Markham_lower_afterThere are other reasons to replace amalgam fillings with resin or composite fillings. Another might be tooth sensitivity. Some patients complain that they are more susceptible to feeling discomfort with cold foods like ice cream when they have silver fillings. Lastly, the appearance of amalgam is unpleasant for many patients. Cosmetically, composite fillings are more pleasing because they blend in with your surrounding teeth. The composite can be tinted to any variety of shades, so no matter what shade of white your teeth may be, the filling can be made to match completely and mask the fact that you’ve even had it done.

If you had a cavity filled some years ago with an amalgam (silver compound), you may now be interested in having it replaced with a porcelain based, tooth coloured filling, to perfectly match your surrounding teeth and provide structure which will increase your chances of keeping the tooth. Replacing old fillings can restore your dental health and enhance your vibrant smile.

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