Dr. Sukhman Chauhan graduated in 2008 from dental school in India. She moved to Canada a couple of years after graduation and successfully completed the dental program at the University of Toronto. After graduation, she worked in the GTA and Northern Ontario which provided her an opportunity to work with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Coming from a smaller town in India, she always wanted to settle down in a smaller community away from the busy lifestyle of the Toronto area.

Dr. Sukhman really loves dentistry and she often refers to the dental office as “my happy place”. She is passionate about helping her patients improve their oral health by spending the time to know them better and understand their needs. She understands that dental visits can be stressful and will do her best to make them as comfortable as possible. She often talks about her personal experiences with patients and likes to hear about their unique experiences as well. Dr. Sukhman is excited to get involved in the community and raise her family in Muskoka.