Dr. Drew is very passionate about helping patients who suffer from pain.

Our office welcomes patients who are still in search of relief from pain associated with migraine headaches, daily headaches, chronic pain, or TMD/ Temporomandibular joint issues. We understand what it’s like to constantly deal with this type of pain and the disappointment or frustration when time and time again other treatments fail.

Many symptoms, ranging from headaches/migraines, to clicking/popping of the jaw joint, ear pain/congestion, tingling in the fingers, vertigo, and more can be related to an incorrect bite.

If you experience chronic pain or have been diagnosed with Temporomandibular dysfunction, this treatment may provide relief.

Neuromuscular dentistry is predictable, completely reversible and without the side effects of medications that are commonly used to treat these conditions.

Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on the muscles surrounding the head and neck — because 90% of pain, including TMJ comes from muscle. Dr. Markham has trained extensively in this area. Neuromuscular dentistry uses sophisticated instrumentation to evaluate how one’s jaw muscles are working and where they would be most comfortable. Unlike other TMJ dentists, our process of finding “a home” for a patient’s bite (how the teeth come together) is precisely measurable. Based on these results, a neuromuscular orthotic will be made to fit you specifically.It is because of this precision that a neuromuscular orthotic typically achieves much more relief then most splints and night guards which are fabricated in an arbitrary manner.