Invisalign® Clear Aligners-Clear braces for adults and teens!

InvisalignInvisalign Invisible Braces – Clear Braces, Huntsville

Invisalign® is a revolutionary new treatment that has helped thousands of adults and teens straighten their teeth without the need for traditional metal braces. These set of clear aligners gently guide your teeth into place and resolve many issues like crowding, rotations and other bite problems. Patients wear an average of 20 to 30 sets of clear aligners, for 6-12  months to achieve their desired results. Unlike traditional orthodontic braces, there are no painful wire tightening appointments or food restrictions. Patients can remove their aligners, allowing them to eat anything they want.

On your first appointment, your dentist would scan your teeth with a 3D scanner and show you what your new smile will look like on a computer screen. Then those scans are uploaded to a precise revolutionary software, and your dentist would come up with the best treatment plan to get your desired results in the least possible amount of time.

Once you are ready, 3D clear aligners are printed out. On your second visit, your dentist would place tooth coloured attachments on your teeth. These attachments help clear aligners put the right amount and direction of forces on your teeth. Your dentist closely monitors your treatment and makes modifications to attachments or clear aligners as needed leading to success and a beautiful smile!

Invisalign clear aligners give you the power to achieve a new you at any age within a few months, and nobody will notice unless you tell them.

Now that is something to smile about!

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