Conceptualized by Dr. Drew Markham, the goal of this project is to showcase, through a deserving candidate, the health and emotional benefits of looking as good as you feel, feeling as good as you look! After seeing first hand the dramatic change that a smile transformation can have on someone’s self esteem, Dr. Drew expanded upon his idea and reached out to other professionals in Huntsville for their support towards changing someone’s life.

Through the involvement of the Huntsville Makeover Team, a caring group of community-minded professionals, he set out to transform one local resident and thereby expose the idea that allowing one’s inner beauty to shine through is not a story about vanity, but one about the triumph of improving one’s health and outwardly expressing one’s spirit. An unexpected benefit of this project turned out to be the effect that this process also had on those observing the transformation. In turn, they too take action to improve their health and improve their lives!


Huntsville’s Makeover – last winner! CHRISTINA LOCKE BRANCH!

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2012 Recipient – Teresa Mcgrath
What a fabulous night at the Canada Summit Centre for Teresa’s ‘Big Reveal’ there were over 700 people in attendance to cheer her on!
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2011 Recipient – Rhonda Bradley
Everyone involved has been just wonderful! Family, friends and strangers alike are very happy for me. This keeps me accountable and gives me the desire to succeed!
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2010 Recipient – Joyce Trafford
Joyce was our gracious 2010 winner. Her winning personality and outlook on life are truly inspiring.
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2009 Recipient – Heather Maxwell
Friends nominated Heather due to her selflessness, helpful nature and her generous spirit. Her friends wanted her to receive the special treatment, which she, in their words, “so frequently afforded others.”
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2012 Huntsville Makover Progress Videos

Credits to The Shutterbug Gallery – Kelly Holinshead and Starshine Video Productions – Virginia Hastings