Life changing dentistry – It is never too late to achieve a vibrant smile!

One of the hardest things for many of our new patients is stepping through our door for the first time. Especially if it has been many years since the last visit. There is a combination of shame and fear that is almost paralyzing. People worry that they are going to be lectured, and unfortunately this is how some dentists choose to ‘motivate’ their patients – it doesn’t work. When patients are coming to us for help, we are going to help them and not shame them. It is also possible that the patient’s last visit was a difficult one – perhaps a tough extraction that took some extra time to heal. That can also turn someone off to going back for routine care.

I have great news for you! If you fall into either of those categories, it is not too late!

Here are several reasons why:

1. Managing fear without medication

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-5-45-42-pm-214x140Dr DrewMany patients are used to having dental procedures done with sedation – it might be gas, or pills or even through an IV and it works. However, there is new technology that can get you out of that ‘fight or flight’ response and into a much more relaxed state without medication. You can still drive yourself to and from the appointment! For more information on this technology which we have been using in our practice for over a year now, visit or click here – How It Works tab.

2. Cosmetic enhancements

Veneers became a buzzword several years ago with the advent of makeover shows. But the fact is that this can transform someone who has been self-conscious about their smile for many years. Working with master technicians allows us to create a brilliant but still natural looking smile – they won’t glow in the dark! For those with other types of concerns, there are many conservative options available to correct gaps in between teeth, or lighten teeth that may be darker than the individual wants.

3. Implants

Believe it or not, implants have been around for a long time and have an excellent track record! Whether it is a single missing tooth that is affecting one’s ability to chew, or trying to stabilize a loosely fitting denture, it is a predictable method to improve function and if necessary appearance. One of the main benefits is that we don’t have to involve surrounding teeth to achieve our result especially where those teeth have not been previously treated.

4. Digital impressions

As dentists, we are all aware of some of the more unpleasant aspects of our office. One is using the ‘goo’ to make moulds of teeth for different procedures. Good news, now we are able to use a digital scanner which not only creates a more accurate impression, but avoids the messy impression material! It also allows the patient to see exactly what we see when we are having restorations or appliances fabricated and allows us to receive the finished product back from our technicians faster that we otherwise would.

5. Alternative treatments for gum disease

No one likes having their teeth ‘scraped’. However, for a very long time it was really the only solution. Again, technology continues to make it easier for people to improve the health of their gums in a much more comfortable way. Our philosophy is that ‘Healthy gums don’t bleed’. It is simple but true – and now we have options including low level laser therapy, or even mouthguard type trays that can help us control the harmful bacteria that causes gums to bleed, and teeth to get loose because of bone loss.

Fear of pain remains the biggest obstacle to most people wanting to improve the health of their mouth and gums. What is not always known is just how many ways that technology has improved and is allowing us to get the outcomes we want faster and easier! If you fall into any of these categories, and have further questions, please contact us at or 705-788-3067. We look forward to serving you!